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Loving Animals Is Good for Us

By Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H.


About Our Services
Walk-Abouts & Play with a Heart includes personalized care in your home for day visits and overnight stays. Meals, walks, play, comfort, medications, and routines are followed as if it were you providing.  Detailed notes are very much appreciated with time of meals, favorite toys, exercise, and treats. 

When meeting a new animal, a meet and greet session is set up at your home at no cost to you. It is rare, that I would begin a sit with an animal that does not know me. Its very important to minimize change to routine or unfamiliar smells. 

Where They Lead, We Follow!

Your pet will have the opportunity to explore their familiar natural environment at their pace.

A note will be left for you describing the visit. If you are traveling, daily updates with photos can be sent via text or email.

Animals may include: dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, fish, birds, & chickens.

Reiki for Animals & Their People

This is an add-on service, I offer. This would be conducted with you present.

As an Animal Intuitive and Reiki Master-Teacher, I am able to "listen with my hands" as your pet shares thoughts and concerns.

The length of time depends on the animal. Each animal is an active participant in their own healing and permission to touch must be received from them first. Reiki classes for you and your animal will be conducted at your home, in a comfortable location.

Responses and reactions of pets to healing energy may include:

  • signs of sleepiness

  • head dropping

  • eyes flickering closed

  • the body becomes relaxed

  • ​licking paws, or become vocal​

References are available at your request!

​Referrals are also appreciated!

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part

of their sentient existence!