​​​​​Touch the Earth Healing ARTS

"as the warm paint slides into my hand
a kaleidoscope of memories
becomes pressed against the canvas
inviting my soul to speak
honoring the sacred within
the canvas is turned in a circle"

:: Sacred Heart :: Soul Art ::

(c) 2015

​My first self-published book, now an award winning book encouraging the reader to be their authentic self and masterpiece within the painted landscapes.

A Journey Into Light

As far back as I can remember about the way I entered this life time, there was a need to be heard. From the day I was born placenta-previa, I have cried out my struggle for a happy life. As the universe moves the celestial beings in circles, the gift of my 55th year has just begun. 

I was born magical and I knew this from an early age. Conversing with nature in a unique language and having more than one imaginary friend. 

 to be continued . . .